Uniform stupidity, Olympic edition

In the course of human events, the choice of headgear for American Olympians is of little consequence. But I confess to a bewildered fascination with the conversation.

Depending upon which news network is programmed into your TV remote’s favorites, there seems to be a few main narratives:



Narrative one: the conservatives

The foreign-made berets are clearly a sign of the socialistic apocalypse being wrought by the new collectivists marching us toward the Left




Narrative two: the liberals

The berets are clearly sign of the increasing worship of the military-industrial complex forcing us toward the Right




Narrative three: the opportunists

The “made in China” uniforms are clearly a slap in the face to the robust American garment industry





Narrative four: the anti-Europeans

“Berets? Berets? That’s what them cheese-eating surrender monkey frogs wear. ‘Murica!”





To this (as my friend Paul often says) “rich tapestry” I humbly offer one more possibility:

Socialist, militarized, freedom-hating, hipster kitties.

‘Nuff said.


About SWIRLosopher

The SWIRLosopher is Sean Trapani, a professor emeritus of advertising who - despite a degree in philosophy - has abandoned all reason and is trying to make a living in the wine business.

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