Why I’m not watching the news for six months

Wake me before November.

The shrill battle of the network talking heads is kicking into high hear. Well, here’s some news for them: Count me out. For the next six months, I plan to unplug.

The press exists to seek truth. I get that. But media companies survive by processing the truth into the most disturbing, revolting parody of itself that it succeeds more in its ability to disturb than enlighten.

Frankly, I don’t know who or what to blame. I’m a systems theory guy, so I can’t pin the cause to any one thing. Nor am I really asserting that anything is wrong or needs to be fixed with the press itself. They’re mostly good people doing the best they can.

One day, maybe we will reach a critical mass of critical thinkers in the US. Until that happens, I think I’ll skip the fourth estate drama, send in my absentee ballot for Gary Johnson and catch up on my circle of fifths.

At least until the sixth.