Why you’re probably wrong about gay rights

My liberal friends insist that society should leave gay people alone because gay people are born the way they are. My conservative friends insist that homosexual feelings may be natural urges, but so are homicidal urges.

I can’t believe how far off the mark both camps are.

Gay people, transsexual people – hell, the whole LGBT alphabet soup – have rights because INDIVIDUALS have rights. That’s it! It’s really that simple. Gays have the right to be gay because no one has the right to use force to stop them from doing something that doesn’t infringe upon the rights of others.

Our inalienable rights as sovereign individuals permit…no demand that we tell others to “back the fuck off” if they try to take those rights away from us. If your god, holy book, parents – whatever – tell you that being gay is wrong and you buy it, great. Good luck with that.

So say it with me, my conservative and liberal friends, respecting individual rights protects your right to pray and your right to be gay.

If you want to tell somebody what to do, for Pete’s sake, go have another freakin’ kid.